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Frequently Asked Questions

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The Kmoon Card is a membership card which is issued to Kmoon Members and Vendors. While this card is not a direct ticket to discounts at all/any stores or on all/any services, it features sweet offers and amazing deals on various products and services across various merchants.

Yes, it is advisable that you do.

Why?A Kmoon Card exposes you to a variety of exclusive discounts and special deals that are not available to non-holders. You will, therefore, never have to stress about continued bargains and/or budgetary strains.

First, do not panic; we’re here to help.
We have a Kmoon Card support team that has specialized in tackling any and all Kmoon Card-related issues. Equipped, always on standby and eager to help, why don’t you reach out with your issue today?

Yes, they can.

We are glad to let you know that we’re expanding our reach to get to students and young adults. We want to get those resources to you and ensure that you’re straining less on your back-to-school budgets.

Yes, it is.
A student ID will help us verify that you are a student. This way, we will not be serving any underserving individual with these benefits while more deserving people wait. As a requirement, therefore, you’ll be expected to have a valid Student ID upon request.

Yes, it is.
How do I know this?
Well, we do not keep any vital or personal information in your card. If you are to lose its possession, either accidentally or through theft, therefore, your personal information will remain
Safe with us.

While we would have loved to simply swap one card for another in the event that it’s lost or stolen, it’s quite impossible. We would, therefore, advise you to get a new one. Getting one is fast and easy.

We’re sorry, but no, you cannot.

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